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More Service Provided “I have received massages regularly for 14 years, but it was not until I found Massage Advantage that I finally realized not all massage is the same and that I have been paying a lot more and receiving a lot less from other massage businesses. I will not go anywhere else again!”   —Richard H., Golden Valley, MN

Chronic Back Pain “Until I started having my massages at a Massage Advantage Center, I never knew my chronic back pain was anything other than tightness in my back. Now thanks to my Massage Therapist referring me to Dr. Heidi I feel like a new person.” —Barb H.,  Albertville, MN

Best Massage Program “Massage Advantage’s flexible program is the BEST I have ever seen and by far the best value in the massage business.” —Kelly S., Champlin, MN

 Flexible Redemption in the Year “I prefer Massage Advantage because I can purchase a massage at a discount for the year under their membership packages and redeem them anytime in that year. There are no monthly requirements or monthly fees that I get charged for. There membership is trustworthy.” —Brandon S., Indianapolis, IN

Takes Care of the Source “I have not only seen the importance of massage, but also the importance of using chiropractic care along with my massage. The massage is great, but when the cause of pain is still there. The cause has to be taken care of also.” —Kimberly L., Albertville, MN

Location Coming To Me “I’m so glad to hear a Massage Advantage location is opening near me! I have family in Minnesota who recommend the company, and I’ve been waiting for my own local one to go to. Looking forward to stopping in!” —James W., St. Petersburg, FL